Rohan G. Bansie

Rohan G. Bansie is a lawyer, mediator and Deputy Judge. As a lawyer representing individual and institutional clients, he has appeared before all levels of courts in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal. In addition to his litigation experience, Rohan also represented athletes, artists and organizations in contract negotiations. In 2007, Rohan was appointed Deputy Judge of the Superior Court of Justice, Small Claims Court.
Rohan is a trained mediator with over 25 years’ experience in assisting clients and corporations with conflict resolution issues. He has resolved a wide range of disputes including: corporate restructuring, employment, insurance, various types of commercial agreements, investment and finance, medical malpractice, debtor/creditor, and construction.
Over the years Rohan has delivered lectures and workshops to law students, lawyers and paralegals on various topics of law, as well as on interviewing skills development, advocacy, litigation and negotiation.
Prior to becoming a lawyer, mediator and eventually a judge, Rohan had a number of diverse professional experiences. Most significantly, he has had a successful career in training and development/management consulting and teaching.
In 2014 Rohan’s book, Eloquence: Public Speaking Skills for Lawyers and Other Professionals was published.