Lorin MacDonald, J.D.

For over two decades, human rights lawyer Lorin MacDonald has demonstrated her leadership, passion, and commitment to accessibility and inclusion in her volunteer and professional activities, all informed by her experience as a woman born with a profound hearing loss.
Lorin garners much respect for her advocacy work due to her cross-disability approach. The YouTube video "Day in the Life of Lorin" has received nearly 6,000 individual views due to its positive message highlighting that accessibility is good for everyone.
Recognized as one of Canada's top voices in accessibility and disability issues, Lorin's approach is grounded in evidence-based research and a desire to challenge communities to be inclusive and accessible. With unending optimism, she perseveres against unfavourable odds to create a more inclusive country for Canadians living with disabilities. Through education, Lorin continually strives to ensure those who may be uninformed or unconscious of the accessibility barriers are equipped with the tools necessary to create inclusive communities for all.
Lorin lives in Toronto and has her own human rights law practice focusing on disability discrimination, particularly as experienced by children.