Georgina Danzig

Georgina is a litigator passionate about protecting the intellectual capital of her clients. Anti-counterfeiting cases (trademark counterfeiting/copyright piracy) and cases involving fraud, theft of confidential information, trade secrets, corporate opportunities and tangible property are her area of interest. She designs proactive and defensive solutions to combat fraud, piracy, counterfeiting and theft. She has extensive experience obtaining extraordinary remedies including, Anton Piller orders; preservation orders; and declaratory and injunctive relief. She regularly interfaces with police, customs, and the Crown in the execution of criminal search warrants and the prosecution of criminal counterfeiting cases. She has extensive expertise in all aspects of Canada’s border enforcement regime in relation to counterfeit goods. She is Chair of the Anti-Counterfeiting and Trade Offences Committee of the Canadian Bar Association, and has been selected by the World Trademark Review 1000 in their highest category (Gold Band) for her work. She is author of “Litigation of Counterfeit Goods” Chapter 8, in Paul Lomic ed. Intellectual Property Litigation: Forms and Precedents (LexisNexis, 2016: Toronto). She obtained her LLB in 1988 and her JD in 1990, and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1990. She also served as a Clerk to the Office of the Chief Justice of the Ontario Superior Court [then known as the Ontario Court (General Division)].